Saturday, January 30, 2010

pictures from Darbonne after the earthquake

I hope to edit this post later on with "before" pictures, but at the moment they won't upload.  The turquoise building is the grade school; the white one is the parish church.

ADDITIONAL NOTE 2/2:  I have posted the "before" photos two entries above this one.


  1. thanks for your blog!
    kind of a strange request - i spent time in Haiti about 8 years ago and remember hearing the magnificat sung (in catholic services). i'm trying to find the lyrics... something like: "magnificat, mesi bondyu..." if you can help it would be awesome!!! thinking of you all in this time!

  2. Hi! I will see what I can find in terms of a song version of this that matches the lyrics above. The text of the Magnificat itself in Haitian Creole is in a post from June 1, 2009, if you are interested in that.

  3. Bon jou, Se Sarah. Your photos of Sainte-Trinite are beautiful and terribly saddening.
    Is it possible to reach you personally concerning your photos? My conversations with Bishop Voegeli taught me much about the many efforts of the Egliz Episkopal nan Ayiti, and I would like to discuss the photos with you is possible

  4. Sure! Call the convent during the day (except Mondays) - number is on our website ( (-: