Sunday, January 17, 2010

update from Darbonne
This is the link to the goat project, which I'd intended to write about on this blog, and may still at some point.  I am so happy to hear that Franck is ok; I am very distressed but not surprised to hear of the destruction of the school and church in Darbonne.  Which probably means the rectory is gone, too: it was even older than the other buildings, as the church had been renovated/rebuilt.  I'm not going to think about that too closely for the moment, as I am still hoping for good news of my friends there. 


[Sunday, 01-17-10, 1 pm ET]

Dear Friends,
We finally heard this morning from Franck Toussaint, GHA’s long-time Goat Project Coordinator. His brief text message, which was actually sent Saturday morning, said that he, the other staff of the Goat Project, and their families are all alive and relatively unharmed. [Great news!]
Unfortunately, the damage to the buildings and infrastructure at the Episcopal compound in Darbonne, where GHA’s Goat Project and Community Health Worker (CHW) Training Program are located, is severe. Franck reported that the Goat Park, the CHW Training Center, and his office, as well as the Episcopal Church and the primary school, have all been destroyed. He has no word at this time of Rennette Olivier, Miron Beaudoin, or any of the other CHW program staff and trainers.

We will, of course, continue to post updates on what is going on with our people and programs in Haiti as we know more.

In other news, GHA has been contacted by the disaster relief staff of the United Methodist Committee on Relief (a long-time GHA partner), regarding coordinating relief efforts with our on-the-ground staff and network of Community Health Workers. UMCOR will be sending a team to Haiti next week.
Please continue to keep the people of Haiti in your thoughts and prayers.

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