Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Episcopal Diocese of Haiti caring for 23,000 in camps

This is the latest on the Sisters, who are still living on the soccer field by College St Pierre two weeks after the earthquake.  At least we know they are alive... I got an email today from someone who still has not heard from her family members, who lived even closer to the epicenter.  Heartbreaking.

The article talks about the camps.  How do you feed 23,000 people?  Can you imagine the amount of water that is needed?  Never mind the sanitation issues.  They estimate it will be months of emergency care.  Rebuilding is way down the pike.  I hope our attention span is longer than usual.

They also say that all the churches in the Leogane area were destroyed.  That's the area in which Darbonne is located.  I'd pretty much figured that would be the case, but I had heard that the church in Mathieu had not been. Perhaps one of the major aftershocks took it out, or perhaps the information was wrong to begin with.

I'm going to to post a happy picture from my time there to remind us all of the beauty of this area.  I want everyone to remember that Haiti is a beautiful country, not only a pile of rubble.  That's all we ever see in the news: disaster.   There is so much more to Haiti than that.  We must not forget the disaster, but we can't limit our vision to it, or we'll forget why people love it so much and why it is so very worth every ounce of energy put into it. 

(taken on the road from Port-au-Prince to Leogane out the car window, summer 2009, probably somewhere around Gressier)

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