Monday, January 25, 2010

letter from Pere Samuel in Darbonne

I just opened my email and was thrilled to hear from Pere Samuel, my supervisor in Darbonne.  I wasn't thrilled with the news, of course, although it is actually better than I had hoped in some ways, but it is the first time I have heard from him, and I am so grateful.   Here is his letter to the Friends of Darbonne, the group which has supported the parish in Darbonne for so long. 

* * *

Dears Freinds,

Greetings from all of us at Darbonne in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Tuesday Junuary 12 at 4h53 PM, the earthquake shake Haiti especially west department and South East. It was very difficult moment for Haiti. Many Hundred thousands people die. Many hundred thousads are injured. The houses are broken, some of them are damaged.

At Darbonne, in the campound we have 3 injured persons but we don't have the loss of human bein. In the parish of Darbonne, we have 21 people die, 52 injured persons and 18 missing persons. On 8 buildings in the campound, 5 are completely broken: The professional school building where the goat project office is, the church, the primary school building and kindergarten, The dormitory of the children that come from in the mission, The Training center for the community health workers. The 3 others are damaged and the fence destroyed. To come in help as partners, we would like to have two forms of help: URGENT HELP and REBUILDING HELP


We need food, water medicines, tents, clothes and money because the things such as food water etc......can take too many times to arrive in Haiti and also our urgent is to demolish to droken buildings and to evacuate them.


In the middle term, the solification of the damaged buildings.

In the long term, rebuild from time to time the buildings destroyed and our priority is to rebuild the schools.

I know you have the financial crisis but the situation is really chaotic. If you can make some more effort that will be great.

I will send you the pictures next time.

Your brother in Christ.

Rev. Fr. Samuel St. Louis

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