Tuesday, January 19, 2010

good news on Darbonne from Global Health Action's page

Global Health Action is the organization that sponsors the goat project in Darbonne that I've intended to blog about since last summer (just a little behind...).  I may yet do that, but what I want to share now is their good news.  I reported earlier that they had received a text message from Franck, their director in Darbonne, that he was alive, but the buildings were down.  Well, now all of their staff, including Miron Beaudoin, who was on my parish lay committee when I was there doing field ed, has been reported safe, and so has my supervisor, Pere Samuel! Thanks be to God!!

Text from their Facebook page: "Global Health Action Update: Miron Beaudoin, Assistant Coordinator of the Community Health Worker Training Program, Pere Samuel, the Episcopal Parish Priest, and the Water Project Staff, all at Darbonne are also safe!"  Yea!!!

I am still waiting for news on the rest of the family, especially of the little one you see in the "how to eat a mango" blog entry below.  Communication with Darbonne is very difficult in the best of times (no postal delivery or land lines or internet...), so you can imagine how difficult it is now that they also have no buildings.  For another priest of the diocese sent me an email earlier this week in response to my query about Darbonne, Pere Samuel, and the family, saying, "You may know that in Darbonne no house is stand all are gone. Please pray for us. We need your prayer."  So I ask your continued prayers, especially for food distribution, medical aid, and, most importantly, clean water.

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