Monday, November 30, 2015

awake and aware - more Monday beauty

I walked today in the same place I walked last week, the  Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary. It was the same familiar beauty, but of course not the same, never the same from day to day. Amazing how God always has some new beauty to show us if we are awake and aware.

Awake and aware - that's an Advent theme if I've ever heard one.  Appropriate for the Monday in Advent I, the beginning of a new year for those of us following the Christian liturgical calendar. And so, once again, I'd like to share it with you.

The bird feeders by the entrance always provide a little entertainment on the way in.

I love chickadees.

House Sparrow convention

a treetop Merlin surveying the situation

Cooper's Hawk hunting for dinner

Meadow Vole

I've been wondering what this little not-exactly-a-mouse creature was for some time. I've seen them here before, and last week I saw a couple down by the bay at the end of our road. Finally learned tonight that they are voles! So here is my new animal for the week.

I loved the reds against the browns of the grasses and trees.

Such a beautiful Red-tailed hawk came along and wasn't a bit bothered by two of us with cameras. Perhaps he is used to the paparazzi.

Song Sparrow camouflage

American Robins everywhere today! And here I used to think they were only a spring bird.

They must be Episcopalians.

Northern Harrier

So beautiful...

This deer was awake and aware, so eventually she decided to high-tail it out of there - literally - in case I should be a danger. Good thinking, though of course I'd much rather she stayed put so I could be with her longer.

So thankful for this afternoon.

Monday, November 23, 2015

 Ah, Monday sabbath time... another walk in the Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary in Marshfield. It's definitely become one of my happy places.

This red-tailed hawk was just hanging around on the birdhouse paying no attention to four of us who were acting like paparazzi much nearer to him than usual. Nearby, a flock of Canada geese grazed - or whatever it is that Canada geese are doing finding food in the grass - and paid no attention either to him or to us. 

I just don't tend to picture red-tailed hawks sitting in the grass unless they are dining. He wasn't.

He found another perch, also fairly nearby. I never thought I'd see the day when I'd have to walk away from such an encounter, but he was quite comfortable, and I was getting chilly, so it was time to start walking again.

I love the red berries of various kinds all around the pond. I wonder if this is the same kind of "winter berry" that I was shown Saturday at the church fair where I was selling Haitian crafts. The parish was selling beautiful branches with which people could decorate their homes for the holidays. I gather waders are de rigueur in parish ministry these days. Wouldn't hurt in convent ministry either, now that I think of it. Hmmm...

Why do I find bridges so beautiful? I'm sure there is a meditation in here somewhere.

Yours is the day, yours also the night;
you established the moon and the sun.
Psalm 74:15 
(or 74:16, depending on the translation)

Thank you, Lord.

Monday, November 16, 2015