Monday, January 25, 2010

donating material goods through Agape Flights

If you are interested in donating material goods, go to Agape Flights on the web at:

They post a DAILY list of the most needed items. The Sisters have used Agape Flights for many years.

Their website says, "YES, Agape Flights is flying often and able to land in Port au Prince. Agape Flights' planes are being met by the missionaries we serve. The supplies are reaching the medical clinics, orphanages, schools, and churches through the 130 missionary families we regularly serve in PAP. Mike Labady, Agape's Emergency Field Director is on the ground in Port au Prince working to coordinate activities. Since the Haiti earthquake disaster Tuesday, January 12 Agape Flights has:

Made 54 flights

Delivered 120,000 pounds of emergency supplies

Transported 24 medical personnel to Haiti

Evacuated 1 orphan and arranged to evacuate 30 more."

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