Friday, January 15, 2010

news with details of the Episcopalians in Haiti, so far, for people seeking it

The Sisters are camped out on the soccer field at the College St Pierre, which is on the other side of the Palace from the convent & cathedral, not too far from the seminary and the Foyer Notre Dame. No one can go inside right now because aftershocks are continuing, and buildings are still falling. 
Also reportedly there:

--Bishop Duracin
--at least some of the elderly Foyer ladies spent the night there
--Jude Harmon
--Mallory Holding
--other diocesan people
--enough people that they are spilling into the street
They have food and water.
Sr. Marjorie Raphael will go to Canges when it becomes possible; Sr. Marie Margaret and Sr. Marie Therese have an offer of a place to stay eventually. Both are reportedly flying high on adrenaline.

Pere Elie Charles, Minou, and others of Sr. Claire Marie's family are safe.  Her family in Gros Morne (I think...) is safe.

Sr. Kethia's brother is safe.  Her sister  has been reported seen and safe, but has not contacted the family here to confirm that.  Three of her cousins have died; please keep the family in your prayers.

No word from Dumy or others of Sr. Promise's family.

No word from Val's family.
There are others I haven't heard about yet, as I haven't been in touch myself to ask.

Reports I pass along to you:
As I reported earlier, the entire Holy Trinity complex (cathedral, school, and convent) have been destroyed. Conflicting reports on St. Vincent's School, but Pere Sadoni and the children have been reported to have escaped with no serious injuries. Nicole St. Victor is injured, but alive and with friends. Rev. Fernande is ok, but her house has collapsed; she too is with friends.  Mme Duracin is injured and in the hospital.

From Haiti Nursing re: Leogane:

"As you saw from my update (now on our website) the hospital is NOT gone, though cracked. The guest house and Children's Nutrition Center quarters are collapsed though. John & Suzi Parker are still there, John slightly injured but insisting on staying to help."

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