Sunday, September 19, 2010

build us back

I share this music video with you as a prayer for Haiti. 

I found it over on a Haiti blog I've been following:
As a matter of fact, there are a few things from that blog I would like to share with you at some point; meanwhile, take a look yourself. 

And pray.  Continue to pray for Haiti.  Continue to talk. Don't forget, and don't let your friends forget, either.   For so many people, this is old news.  It's over.  Life has moved on.  Well, if we in the US have not finished rebuilding after 9/11 or Katrina, I'm not sure how it is we think Haiti should have picked up and moved on after far more extensive losses when life was already difficult.   So pray.  Listen to the music and pray, or pray in whatever way you find to do so.  Just don't let it go.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Petits Chanteurs on tour

The Petits Chanteurs and a chamber ensemble from Haiti, children from Holy Trinity Music School, are on tour right now: thirty days, forty concerts. Sounds exhausting. These are children with a purpose, however. I hope they'll be very successful raising money to rebuild the school, and I'll try to find and post their tour schedule.

Holy Trinity Music School is part of the larger Episcopal diocesan complex that housed the cathedral, our convent, and Holy Trinity preschool, primary and middle school, trade school, and music school. Our Sisters have worked there since 1927, and I believe Sr. Anne Marie started the music school. I can't tell you how many photos of her I saw on various Haitian music school Facebook pages following the earthquake.  I know Sr. Carolyn directed the Petits Chanteurs for a couple of years before joining the community.

I've been meaning to obtain some of the photos the Sisters brought with them when they came from Port-au-Prince to Boston for our community's annual Chapter last month. There were quite a number of Holy Trinity (the whole complex, or what little is left of it, anyway - they have constructed plywood pavilions, and worship and learning go one). I will post some when I have a bit more time. Meanwhile, I commend to you this short article and ask your prayers for these children and their adult companions as they travel.

Petits Chanteurs on tour in the US from Holy Trinity Music School, Port-au-Prince, Haiti