Wednesday, May 11, 2016

shore birds and a stranded seal rescue

 This morning I took a sister to an appointment in Sandwich, down on Cape Cod just over the canal bridge. I had some time to wait, so I decided to take some prayer and walking time at the Sandwich Boardwalk to the beach, which I'd seen on the map. As soon as I arrived, I said, "Thank you, Jesus!" Very good place in the early morning. Free parking, too! Saw a Great Blue Heron fly in just as I was arriving.

After I'd left the car, I passed a truck parked by the boardwalk entrance and saw this poor thing on the asphalt behind it.  He was clearly alive, but barely twitching. Not obviously injured, however.

I went back to the truck (on the far side, away from the seal - I know that much! Do Not Disturb) and inquired about him. The man was keeping an eye on him while awaiting the rescue team. No idea how Mr. (Ms?) Seal had ended up in the parking lot. Granted, the tides have been pretty high at high tide this week, but even so! Asphalt and gravel are not good for seal tummies.

Headed off down the boardwalk towards the ocean.

Many song sparrows were singing away in the bushes alongside the marsh.

Cormorants always look so fascinating.

LOTS of common eiders out, all together in a group 

laughing gull

When I saw a few harbor seals out on the rocks, I wondered if they were missing their buddy.

look! you can even see his little antennae - if you call them that on a snail...

When the office called to say Sister was ready, I headed back across the boardwalk towards the car, wondering if the seal would still be there.

He was.

However, there were more people from the Sandwich Natural Resources Department and from IFAW, which I have since discovered means International Fund for Animal Welfare. Among other things, they do seal rescues and work to stop seal hunting. 

When they cautiously approached, I was glad to see him lift his head.

You want me to go where?

He did get a bit vocal!


Well, look, he has some energy after all! 

In you go. Very gently, but quickly and efficiently. 

All set!  I gather they will be taking him someplace to check him out medically and then, if/when all is well, release him back into the water where he belongs. I'm grateful there are people out here who do such work. 

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Premier Rachel Notley's Sunday afternoon update on Fort McMurray wildfire


CBC News Edmonton: Fort McMurray wildfire specials, May 4 & 5, 2016

This is from a few days ago - and we all know it's spread since then - but it's a 25 minute show in depth from Canadian television. Informative. I'd like to find more things to post, but that will have to wait. As one Canadian friend tweeted to me, pray for rain.


Here is the one from the next day:

If you would like to donate, here is a link to the Red Cross in Canada's page for it. What's more, the government is matching these donations, too. There's something we haven't thought of yet in the US.