Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Agape Flights - information for those wishing to donate material goods

Click on http://www.agapeflights.com/  to reach Agape Flights.
They post a DAILY list of the most needed items. The Sisters have used Agape Flights for many years. Their website says, "YES, Agape Flights is flying often and able to land in Port au Prince. Agape Flights' planes are being met by the missionaries we serve. The supplies are reaching the medical clinics, orphanages, schools, and churches through the 130 missionary families we regularly serve in PAP. Mike Labady, Agape's Emergency Field Director is on the ground in Port au Prince working to coordinate activities."

"We have a critical need for tents that can be used for shelter as well as back packs or duffel bags for the homeless in Haiti to have something to carry whatever belonging they might have with them. We are accepting back packs and duffel bags with supplies for those in Haiti. Back packs are for either a single female or a single male and the duffel bags are for families. Please be sure to label the bags accordingly for easier delivery and distribution!! All bags need canned/pouch meat, a blanket, a sheet, a towel, peanut butter, crackers/cookies, plate, fork, cup, 8 foot plastic rope, toothpaste, deodorant, small scissors, wipes, shampoo and bar soap in a baggie. If you are packing a bag for a female, please add some sanitary products or for a male, please add a razor. Family duffel bags just need double the amount of supplies."


100 Airport Avenue
Venice, FL 34285-3901

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