Sunday, November 30, 2014

Advent words and pictures for meditation, day 1

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Wake up, my spirit;
Awake, lute and harp;
I myself will waken the dawn.
- Psalm 57:8

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Advent 1

Collect for the First Sunday of Advent
Book of Common Prayer p. 212

Advent meditation through photography

This Advent, there are not one, but TWO opportunities to participate in meditating on a given word each day and then, if desired, posting a photograph that expresses that word's meditation.  The idea is that you post your photo on one or more social media sites, labeling it with the assigned # so that others can find, enjoy, and pray with your photo.

#EpiscopalAdvent is sponsored by the Episcopal Church's Formation and Vocation Ministries Team.

Advent Meditation with Photography - Episcopal Digital Network
"Each day will have reflection word taken from the Sunday Readings that will be posted on our Social Media sites. We invite you to meditate on that word throughout the day and if you find a photo that captures that word for you, post it to your social media sites with the hashtag #episcopaladvent as well as a hashtag for the word for the day (for example: #joy). We will begin posting on the First Sunday of Advent (November 30) and will end on Christmas Day."

The second one was created by the Society of St. John the Evangelist, better known as the SSJE Brothers (or in the UK the Cowley Brothers/Fathers). Theirs is #AdventWord.  I expect it will have more users because the Anglican Communion News Service picked it up.

Global Advent Calendar - pray with your phone camera

At first, having heard of both in passing, I thought it was the same thing. Same idea, yes; same words for the day, no.  So which to choose?

I finally decided to do both. Am I crazy? Perhaps. But I do meditate well with a camera, actually. (I really need to do a blog post about that, or at least link to the books I've recently obtained to supplement my own experience.)

So here is the cheat sheet for both, lined up, in case anyone else would like to do both as well.

I'm noticing that the Young Adult/Youth/Lifelong Formation group has chosen a set of words that seem much more traditionally Adventlike to me.

It will be interesting to see what sort of meditation grows from the combination of the two words each day.

Are you up for a challenge? Some unusual ways of inviting God in to your prayer this Advent? Join us.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving services in Duxbury

If you're in the area, please join us!

If you're in the area and an early bird, here's something else:

I'll be preaching - giving the "message," as they put it - a mini-homily. I saw one weather report that said the rain/sleet/snow is supposed to stop by dawn. I'm living in hope while packing my waterproof bag and putting my sermon in a plastic page protector.  Always be prepared! And give thanks at all times and in all weather.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

a prayer for tonight

So much pain and grief and rage at the moment. Lives lost. Livelihoods lost, too. Hopes for a peaceful outcome lost (I am not saying calm; I am saying nonviolent). What kind of a world are our children growing up in? ALL our children? I can't add anything to the discussion, but I can pray and stand with all those whose lives have been torn apart and whose hopes have worn thin. I count on the fact that our God is one who brings life from death, even the worst possible. And that begins now.