Sunday, January 8, 2012

wrong hymn?

This is going around Facebook and email this weekend. Although I can't give the appropriate credit, I can't resist sharing it with you. 

I'm especially amused since at the funeral I celebrated this weekend they changed the first hymn without warning me, so there I was staring at the words in great puzzlement.  I wasn't precisely a sub; however, it was my first time presiding at the cathedral, and none of the regular cathedral priests were on hand (another was, fortunately).  Close enough!

It's also the first anniversary of my ordination to the priesthood today, so a little church humor is just the thing along with the prayer and celebration.  I would have enjoyed some of that humor during the sermon today, but unfortunately, all the lines that got the most laughs in the middle of a serious sermon about baptism and being a godparent were said in Kreyol so quickly they went right over my head.  Ah, well, it will come.  I was just glad to be there and glad to be able to join them at the altar on such a day. 

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  1. Congratulations on your anniversary of ordination!