Sunday, January 22, 2012

buying water

I have finally learned how those musical water trucks operate.  We haven't gotten any city water lately, and last week our reservoirs were emptying fast.  One of our neighbors had bought a truckload of water, and we stopped to inquire about the price, then did a comparison check with another company as they were doing a delivery.  A few hours later, a truck full of water pulled up.   And this is how it worked:

attaching a sort of fire hose
snaking the hose across the yard
filling the reservoir
With that and a separate but similarly timed visit from the plumber, showers could be taken and clothes and dishes washed. And there was much rejoicing.

Mind you, this is not drinking water.  That arrives by car daily, or nearly so.  We're grateful to have a ready supply. Not everyone does. When water doesn't just arrive as if by magic in the faucet, you begin to realize just how important it really is.  You can live without electricity; you can't live without water. 

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