Sunday, January 1, 2012

soup joumou, part 2

Well, a sister told me today that despite one of the remarks in the previous post, you can actually eat too much soup joumou.  And then I came upon this article on soup joumou on NPR which says the same thing - remember that this soup gets eaten all day as people bring it to each other!   

I hear that this is the night when no one, no one at all, should go to bed hungry: soup goes to all.

Would that no one were hungry anywhere tonight, or indeed any night.

Part of the article on NPR:

She eats the soup four times on New Year's Day, but that's not as often as some. She thinks that overeating may have caused the GI outbreak at the clinic nine years ago. "You have to space yourself, not to eat everything at once, you know?" she says.

"Whenever I eat it, I always think about my great-grandfather," she says. "They used to be in slavery. So I feel like I am free. And when you have the soup, you really feel full."

soup joumou
via NPR, courtesy of Whole Foods

So I take it back - don't eat too much! But do have some.  (Well, maybe just a little extra...)

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