Friday, January 13, 2012


Today I had my fix of little warm bundles of cuteness. 

First, we paid a visit to someone, and her two-month-old granddaughter arrived while we were there.  She didn't seem to mind strangers at all, and I had time to hold her for quite a while. One of the sisters asked me if I were going to stay with her instead of coming home.  Hmmm...

Picture this pile of napping puppies. Add another.  Put them on my lap. To quote Charlie Brown, happiness is a warm puppy.
But had I stayed, I would have missed this evening.  Is there anything more peaceful and wonderful than a lapful of sleeping puppies?  It was first just a lot of fun as they tumbled around, one wanting her tummy rubbed.  Then came a time of real quiet with them slumbering contentedly, one flopped flat out, ears spread, the other two curled up on each other in the crook of my arm. They were not ready to get up, either, when it was finally time to come back inside. 

Perfectly happy. Very grateful.

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