Tuesday, December 27, 2011

uncensored prayer

I've just read the most amazing article.  It's not easy to read - very painful, in fact - but it's powerful.  It's a story of wrestling with God following years of abuse and ensuing hell - and the most real relationship with Jesus I've heard described. 

Some of the most powerful lines:

The day came when my years of compressed pain and anger erupted all over Jesus.  I screamed at him, wanting to hurt him as badly as I hurt, and to my complete shock, he screamed back – his love.  And that’s how I learned to pray.

And that is real prayer. 

Hesed - steadfast, covenant love.  It's not a delicate thing.  In fact, it's stronger and more durable than anything else.  It's the kind of love that does not leave our side when the worst happens or when we are at our worst. 

You see, he wouldn’t give up on me.... Why? Because he loved me just as I was. In fact, he made me just like I was, knowing how I’d turn out, which is totally insane.

I feel like that some days.

I'll be rereading this.

Here it is:  http://provoketive.com/2011/11/08/what-if-jesus-didnt-die-for-me/

And here is a book she has written which I intend to get at some point:

Uncensored Prayer by Joy Wilson

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