Wednesday, December 7, 2011

hungry puppy

I have many serious and interesting topics about which to write.  Tonight, I'm writing to you about puppies anyway.  They don't have a thing to do with Haiti except insofar as they are Haitian puppies, but they are adorable and very much a part of my life here: I hear them whenever they are awake and squealing, and mama and papa often lie under my window and bark at who knows what at any possible hour.  Watchdogs, after all.  So here are the watchpuppies, for your enjoyment.  I tried to post one of the videos I made, too, but no luck, so I'm including one screen capture below among the photos.

As the puppies start to wake up, mama arrives to check on them.   They promptly go back to sleep.

They seem to be fine and, deciding they will be all right despite my presence, she leaves again.  They wake back up.

The puppies tumble over each other as they emerge from their napping pile, wander in their den and engage in a bit of wrestling accompanied by much squealing. 

One hungry puppy, crying for mama, spots her as she sticks her nose through a decorative hole in the concrete barrier from the other side.  Just checking up again.  

I try to coax one out with limited success. Eventually one gets brave and comes all the way out of the little den. Then another investigates, while the third one hangs back. 

 Mama sticks her head back through the hole, and nuzzling commences; then she lies back down, comforting her puppies having been checked off her to-do list.

One puppy, however, isn't just crying for mama; he's crying for dinner.  And that hole through which mama was looking is just the perfect size for a puppy door.  So through the hole, over the edge, then plonk, on the ground.  Mama looks rather surprised as this determined puppy picks himself up and finds his dinner.

Tummy's full, all's right with the world.


  1. Oh sooooo cute!! I'll have to show Molley. :)

  2. The puppies make me smile!
    Thank you for making Haiti seem homelike.