Wednesday, December 28, 2011

all before lunch

Shape of my day:

Morning Prayer
get ready to go downtown
hear squealing and investigate: the puppies are being bathed
newly-bathed puppy eyeing the dirt
move wet puppy to sunny spot far from mud

moving a dripping puppy

go back inside and clean off habit; puppy had already found the mud

once at the cathedral, offer to help
end up reading the gospel and concelebrating
hear my first children's sermon on the Holy Innocents - that's what I call a challenge
my own challenge: with a two-part chalice (2/3 for wafers, 1/3 for wine), take wafers, dip them in, remember the French words, don't drip wine into wafers - and when you do, figure out what to do next...
anoint and bless dozens of children

walk over to the old convent grounds, where the Sisters have set up a party for the children
enjoy their singing and dancing
take lots of pictures

Look what I got!

eat the first bright orange cheese puff things I've had in years and remember someone during a high school religion class party trying to stuff as many of them in his mouth as possible, keeping count; wonder why they stick to my teeth
take more pictures while gifts are distributed
as requested, bless a stuffed pink bunny named Sabrina

Sabrina, the blessed bunny
start getting picture requests
pick up trash
head home
be welcomed by jumping dogs
have a mango for dessert at lunch

And I wonder how I got my habit into this state today? (-:

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