Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas candle

How do you decorate a candle for Christmas? 

I thought of ribbon - but it's flammable, even if we had some around.

I tried coloring on a white candle with a crayon.  No luck.  Colored pencil, no.  But - aha! - the colored pencil can cut a pattern in it.  White on white, I thought?

And then inspiration struck.

Here is what works really well:  use your nice, sharp colored pencil to dig out the shape you want. Then melt your crayon, drop by drop, with a candle and drip it into the holes you just made.  Trim with your fingernail while still soft.  For holly berries, you can make nice round drops and not trim them at all if all goes well.  Melt together a couple of pieces of red and green rosary cord for trim at the bottom.


decorating a Christmas candle with melted crayon

I do suggest putting a piece of newspaper under all this before you begin, as little pieces of candle wax go in all directions. Not that I did so.


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