Saturday, June 1, 2013

extremely active? I hope not...

Hurricane season likely to be ’extremely active,’ say meteorologists

You know, this isn't really the headline I'd have preferred to see right now, especially after reading about all those tornadoes back in the US.  They've already reminded me of the power of storms. 

Haiti simply cannot manage a hurricane.  A few hours of heavy rain is enough to cause major flooding.  I've been fortunate: so far the worst I've personally had to deal with due to the rain this season is, thanks to road conditions, spending an hour and forty-five minutes getting home from the seminary where I teach.  Others, however, have dealt with flash floods and mudslides; someone always seems to get swept away while crossing a river.  Then there are those who somehow seem to have resigned themselves to getting flooded out regularly. Sweep out the mud and start over.  I can't imagine.

And I'd rather not imagine a hurricane here this year.  OK, any year, but certainly not right now.

So, please, while you are praying for those affected by the storms in the Midwest, throw in a few prayers that hurricanes stay out to sea this year.  

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  1. Amen.

    Sarah, my heart sank when I read the predictions about the hurricane season this year. For Haiti especially, and for all the islands and coastal areas that may be affected, I pray that the storms remain out at sea.