Monday, June 10, 2013

day of rest

It's been a good day.  Monday is our sabbath in the sense of its being our day of rest. 

another nesting mourning dove in a palm tree in our yard

I spent much of it on the porch as usual, praying, painting in my journal, and watching a new nest with another dove.  At least I think it's a different one even though it's in the same spot - she looks smaller, and she's redone the nest.  Much fluffier looking than the last one, but still invisible from the ground.  Have I mentioned how I love being at eye level with this branch? 

There was also a tiny vervain hummingbird for a short time, but for the most part, the birds also seem to be too hot to be active.  I do understand!  My first glass of water had ice in it, but by the time the afternoon rolled around, we were fresh out.  It doesn't last long, even in the freezer, when there's no power.  (Ah, but tonight we have power! At least for the moment. Bet they turn it off very soon.)

paints and cool water - just the thing for a day off in this heat
Church geek that I am, I enjoyed having the time to read part of an older issue of a journal called Worship.

We also had some generator power early in the day and power tonight, so I got my plane tickets for my family time late this summer.  Then I found out a good friend from high school who lives out of town will actually be visiting at the same time I will.  Life is good.

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