Monday, June 17, 2013

hanging in

Mom's hanging in there.  She managed to wiggle her foot and try to squeeze my sister's hand on request.  Still critical, but doing far better than might be expected. The EMTs, the police chief, and the helicopter people came to check up on her (separately) and were all amazed.  Wonderful people at this hospital (Parkview North), I must add. 

Tomorrow morning we're hoping she will have her first surgery, one of many.  So grateful to be allowed to stay overnight with her.

Thank you for your prayers.  Keep them up.


  1. Praying as I walk through my day, especially for your father. It was just a couple of weeks ago I went over to accept some donations he made to the genealogy society in preparation for the move. I was shocked and devastated to hear of the accident. God bless you all.

  2. If there is anything we can do, or anything we can send, aside from prayers, please do not hesitate to say so, Sr. Sarah. What a challenging time for you.

  3. Dear, Dear, Rev. Sr.: Please keep us posted on today's surgery and other events in your mom's healing process. She is healing. She will get better and better. And please let us know how your Dad is fairing as well. Love, Rev. Cynth