Thursday, June 27, 2013

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Hey, Mom wiggled the fingers on her left hand tonight!!! I haven't seen her do that before (the right hand and both feet, but not the left).  Such good news.

Along with her personal violin concert today (see previous post), she also had a visit from the Ashley Fire Department members who rescued her.   We are so grateful to them.This is also the group that sent her a bouquet of silk flowers because they knew she couldn't have real ones in her ICU room.  Wish I'd been in the room when they came by so I could thank them personally.  We'll have to figure something out.

silk flowers from the fire department - is that sweet or what?

One thing we have finally done is to create a book in which visitors can write her notes, as I don't think she's going to remember much later on.  It's nothing fancy, just a hardcover sketch book, but it's the notes that will count.  People have been so kind.  I've glued in a few of her cards, too.

Tomorrow she has a tracheostomy at 11AM; Friday will be another procedure.  Big surgery after that - maybe Monday? I don't think they'll do that over the weekend.  I will be so happy when she is finally out of the danger zone; wondering when that will be.  Thank you for your prayers; please continue.

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