Monday, May 27, 2013

Fete Sainte Trinite 2013

Trinity Sunday is the patronal festival of the Episcopal cathedral here in Port-au-Prince. 

a local group (business?) put up a banner for the occasion over the street in front of the cathedral 
Thanks be to God, we arrived quite early.  As we gathered in the parking area in the rear before the service, I was told, "You're the bishop's chaplain today."  I found him over by his car.  "Only if you want to," he said. "I can find someone else."  Mostly this involves carrying things and standing next to him with the crosier while he preaches.  Not difficult, except that when you are dripping in the heat and it's started to roll down your face, you can't fan yourself.   It did, however, mean that I could make a good recording of the sermon for the bishop.  You'd be amazed at how clear a recording can be even when your mp3 player is hidden in your habit pocket.

getting lined up for the procession
the bishop censing the altar

We definitely need a larger worship space in the new cathedral.  There are always a few people who have to sit outside, but for big feast days, the overflow fills every possible spot surrounding the worship space.  Including the stairs.

definitely not enough seating at the temporary cathedral, but the stairway up to the office makes a useful addition to it for some parishioners

As always, I very much appreciated the music.  Along with the parish choir, the parents' choir, and Trinity Choir (gospel group), the music school's chamber orchestra played and the Petits Chanteurs sang.  Hymns and even liturgical responses are sung in parts here, and not just by the choir, so when you have an extra-large congregation, it's quite something.

chamber group from the Orchestre Philharmonique Sainte Trinite
Trinity Choir - the young adult gospel group

Wish I could share the best photos with you, but they all have recognizable faces, most with young people.  You'll just have to imagine them.

the dean thanking people at the end of the service
Bonne fete.

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