Friday, June 28, 2013

park view?

By lunchtime today, Mom had already had a big day, so we cleared out temporarily to give her some afternoon rest. I'll go back for the evening and overnight.  Meanwhile, we're all at my sister's house.  Liz and I were weeding, but the nettles, too, are getting a break since it started raining on us.

Mom started the day with a procedure to put in a feeding tube port.  Liz had taken last night at the hospital, so I got Dad over there just in time to see her beforehand.  She seemed wide awake and alert.

While waiting, Liz and Dad and I went down to the cafeteria to get a bite of breakfast, and I excused myself to go to the patio for Morning Prayer.  It reminded me of just how much I need green things.  I was so grateful to be outdoors!

Parkview Regional Medical Center patio

bumblebee on the patio flowers

It also reminded me once again that as we hunt for a new home for my parents, we really do have to keep in mind that Mom needs trees and green things, too.  Dad doesn't care, as far as I can tell, but I know it makes a difference to her.  When I rejoined them, they were still at the table in the cafeteria, now looking up real estate sites on Liz's iPad.

When we finally got back to see Mom, she had visitors, so Liz and I cleared out again for a few minutes; obviously in ICU, there are very few allowed back at any given time.  Despite her progress, she's still in critical condition.

However, there's more good news:  she had her first PT today, too, and they got her sitting up for fifteen minutes!  She's been lying flat for two weeks now, so this had to have been a good thing, as exhausting as it was for her.  She's already got one blood clot they're watching; she can't afford another, and lying flat makes the risk that much greater.  Of course, the PT team had to move her - with bones broken on all sides, she can't put weight on her arms to shift herself.  But it was still so wonderful to see.

One more procedure down.
One more milestone reached.
Major surgery Monday or Tuesday.

We're making progress - grâce à Dieu, as they say so often in Haiti.
Now to get their house sold and find another for them down here.
One day at a time.

Thank you for your prayers.

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  1. Prayers for all of you continue, dear Sarah.