Friday, May 4, 2012

yardlife today

I enjoy the wildlife in the yard here.  There are always a number of friendly creatures who are about when I am out on the porch for my morning prayer time.  Here are two of today's residents whom I see quite often.  Watching them moves me into a quieter space and leads to praise and thanksgiving as well as peace.  Occasionally amusement, too.  They can be really funny at times.

smiling dove in palm tree

zandolit come to visit me on the porch
And then there was this morning's back yard visitor.

My first tarantula of the year.

Have I mentioned that I don't care for spiders?

Especially very large, quick ones.

Thank God, and I do mean that, for E., who dispatched it with quantities of bug spray and an oversized broom.

I'm not going to be so blasee about taking out the trash in the dark now.  It might have family nearby.

But tonight I am safe under my mosquito net tent. I think I'll just pretend I'm at camp.  And hope the lights don't go off while I am in the shower.

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