Tuesday, May 15, 2012

meditating on moustiquaires


moustique from Darbonne, Leogane, Haiti 2009
Yes, I really did take a picture of a mosquito.

Moustiquaire:  not to be confused with Musketeer or Mouseketeer

pastel mosquito nets for sale in downtown Port-au-Prince
I believe my choices in the US were black and standard tent green. Clearly someone here has recognized a real opportunity in a certain niche of  the moustiquaire market.

Every night when I climb under my mosquito net tent, I give thanks. And then sometimes I think, "Where is the cupholder in this thing?"  Ice water is a must in the heat. Some enterprising soul with extraordinary engineering and sewing skills will certainly figure out a way to put in a water bottle pocket without ripping it.  Think of the possibilities.

Which I have been doing.

If I'm back here next year, I may have to see about sewing myself a mosquito net poncho or hoodie so I can go outside at night to enjoy the breeze and the stars without getting eaten alive.  It can be so beautiful at night.  When there is no power on a clear night, you can see the satellites.

Ben's Eau de Moustique, my perfume of preference

Now that they make pastel nets, just think, I might have to make sartorial decisions.  Or, as with my mosquito net, I could just go with a basic black.  Add a strand of pearls along with my Eau de Moustique, and I'll be all set for a night out.

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