Monday, May 14, 2012

today's progress

We stopped by Holy Trinity Cathedral today while out doing errands, and I got to watch some of the construction.  We had to pick our way over the piles of rock and around patches of wet concrete when we came in because the car gate is to the left and everything else is to the right. 

mixing concrete for the new interim worship space at the Cathedrale Sainte Trinite, Port-au-Prince
 One group was finishing up the floor of the raised area in front, while another group was working up in the rafters.

finishing up the concrete floor of the sanctuary

That welder must be hot. It is not a cool day in Port-au-Prince.
I also enjoyed seeing the music students from Holy Trinity School.  The cathedral's grade school and music school hold classes on this campus, and this seemed to be a cross-over group. The children gathered under the pavilion, sat in the pews, and then broke up into groups by instrument.  I think they were enjoying the construction underway as much as I was, but they were clearly enjoying each other's company even more.

Holy Trinity School music students
construction in progress on the temporary cathedral space
 Hard to believe the consecration is so close at hand!  I'm really looking forward to it.

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