Monday, May 7, 2012


So remember I said something about being cautious while taking out the trash?

Tonight I took out the trash as usual.  There was an enormous snail, looking for all the world just like the ones in the drawings that I never have seen in real life. I don't think we have snails that big at home. Naturally, I went in to get my camera. (-:

I just downloaded the photos - one last thing to do before bed.

Do you see what I see?  Behind the snail in the space under the wall?  Waaaaay too close to me?

I took photos of a huge snail tonight.
Look to the right, under the wall.
Have I mentioned that I don't like tarantulas?

I need a teddy bear and some combat boots.    And an oversized can of Raid.


  1. Well is it pretty safe to say that the spider had the snail for dinner!?!?! :)

  2. AnonymousMay 08, 2012

    But Sarah, spiders are our friends.

    Choose a few you like, who have a natural tendency towards dominance. Learn where they live, and them them take care of the rest. They are territorial. Better the old-bully in the corner, than 6 upstarts crawling towards your bed.

    (that is a spider and not a scorpion, yes?)

  3. AnonymousMay 08, 2012

    Hmm. I've now read your earlier post. If that is a tarantula, and not just a spider, I revise my advice to: run. hide. spray.