Sunday, May 13, 2012

pouring concrete today

before Sunday morning Eucharist
Cathedrale Ste Trinite
short-term worship space under construction
Last week I posted something about the new temporary building that is going up in the former cathedral parking lot (  La Cathedrale Sainte Trinite congregation and the Orchestre Philharmonique Sainte Trinite will have a new home for the next few years while the cathedral and schools are under construction.  The big push this week, of course, is for the upcoming consecration. 

When we arrived at church this morning, we could see how much they had accomplished over the last week.  Today's project seems to be the completion of the altar area (sanctuary).  I thought you might enjoy seeing the current stage of construction. 

The raised area for the altar is now filled in with rubble and ready for the cement. Here they are starting work after the Eucharist today - time is getting short!

They mixed the cement in the old convent yard next door. Here they are carrying it into the work area in buckets.

cement-pouring assembly line

pouring concrete for the altar area

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