Sunday, May 6, 2012

Good Things

merci Jesus - taptap, Port-au-Prince
The power, which had gone off, has just come back on.

power this week much more than usual

no tarantulas today

hot chocolate - I recommend adding cinnamon bark, star anise, real Haitian vanilla, and condensed milk to your mix.

being warm and dry during a rainstorm

a mosquito net

peanut butter M&M's - I love my mom!

Mom herself

...and Dad, sisters, Sisters, nephews, niece, godchildren

friends - and such good ones, too

a day off tomorrow - restful even if I do plan to spend much of it working on altar linens

ice water (see "power this week" above)

today's laughter

May you have an even longer list of Good Things and the awareness to enjoy them.

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