Thursday, June 30, 2011

Port-au-Prince 10 day forecast - ow...

I'm not sure which I think is worse - the heat or the ongoing thunderstorms. As if there is a need for more rain right now after the recent flooding.  And all those people still with inadequate shelter.  Living in the mud for the next ten days (or more) is not going to be a good thing.  The cholera epidemic has already gotten worse as a result of the recent flooding.  I hope the "scattered" part of these thunderstorms means "very widely scattered." 

Later this year after I finally arrive there, I can see I won't be wanting to wear a slicker in the rain in these temps.  The question is whether or not I can go outside and play in the rain to cool down and still dry off in time for community prayer!  Something tells me that Sr. Marie Margaret would not look favorably on such a thing even if I were to have time to play.   Stay tuned this fall to find out!

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