Saturday, June 18, 2011

make way for duck boats

Bruins Victory Parade Draws Biggest Hub Crowd Ever - Boston Sports News Story - WCVB Boston

There certainly is a lot going on in Boston today!  I hear the roads are jammed because of the celebration, but I can tell you the skies are pretty busy, too!  Prop planes are buzzing around with their banners streaming behind them, and helicopters dart here and there looking for news and probably making traffic reports as well.  I can see all that from our roof. 

helicopters and planes over Boston as we celebrate the Bruins' Stanley Cup victory
photo taken from St. Margaret's Convent, Roxbury, roofdeck
I gather the team is celebrating with a parade of duck boats, going from place to place as though it were a progressive dinner.  Good thing it ended up a beautiful day instead of the rain originally predicted.  I'm cheering from afar - and also hoping to stay afar... far from the traffic, at least, as I venture forth into the fray to get new glasses.  Rather mundane a way to celebrate, no? The better to watch the Bruins with, perhaps!  If I post again, you will know I survived the record crowds unscathed. 

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