Saturday, July 2, 2011

sing to the Lord a new song

mocking bird atop SSM Boston chapel cross
 This little mockingbird has been singing his heart out from the cross on top of our convent chapel. My room is on the third floor, so I can peer up and see who is making all that music. 

I have woken to birdsong every morning this week, and I finally figured out that it was not a variety of birds making most of that music, though the song varies widely.  Sometimes it is simple; other times much more complex. 

We can also hear it in chapel.  We have quiet before the services, of course, but also between readings, so the birdsong comes in the window loud and clear.  Sr. Emily Louise enjoys it even more than I do, I think, judging from her expressions in the time before services begin.  This morning I gather his (her?) repetoire included a cuckoo song.   I'll have to take her word for that!

I am quite sure that enjoying this gift of God is part of our prayer during this time, and I am thankful. 

Let all creation bless the Lord!  That means mockingbirds and cuckoos - and us, too.

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  1. How nice. Hope to make mass some morning soon!