Tuesday, June 7, 2011

torrential rains in the Port-au-Prince area

Last night I heard from a friend via Facebook that there was a bad storm going on which was causing flooding.   She said it was some of the worst rains and flooding some had seen. 

I found this weather forecast, but while it has a weather map of the Caribbean, there is no detail.

This afternoon, however, I saw that a blog I follow (http://thereisnosuchthingasagodforsakentown.blogspot.com/ ) had some links to local news reports.  Thank you, Ruth!  Here is a basic summary from one article:


Bridge has collapsed in Peguyville, roads cut in Canape Verte, Delmas, Fontamara, Correfour and other places because of heavy rains, mud slides, and heavy rock falls. Many injured and dead. Traffic is paralyzed. Area excessively rain saturated. Many homes in danger of collapse, especially in Bidonvilles.

Many tent camps are flooded. Some washed away. People have drowned.

Many homes on Delmas 40 have washed away.

Entire country in a state of emergency as heavy rains of last week create a cumulative disaster on top of an accelerating threat of more cholera deaths.

This is the Coup de Grace.

Many people are buried under the debris. Martelly has addressed the Nation at 10:49PM.

Cite Solier inundated. Many walls have collapsed in Petionville, burying many people.

Panic, as people do not know what to do- There is no way to turn."

The original post may be found at http://www.haitian-truth.org/torrential-rains-cause-bridge-collapse-and-road-closures/

There is a much more complete article here:  http://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-3111-haiti-climate-the-situation-in-the-department-of-the-west.html  The English is not great, but the information is much more detailed, so if you are familiar with the area, it may be useful.  I just wish I knew more about how the Sisters are and how Darbonne is today.

Meanwhile, there is some coverage which sounds much more official (Is it? I don't know...) here: http://www.alterpresse.org/spip.php?article11126  It says, "Haiti-Intempéries : Les fortes averses du 6 juin font au moins 10 morts... La météo ne prévoit pas d’amélioration du temps avant jeudi et le pays entier est sous alerte orange." In other words, at least ten have died so far, the weather is not going to be any better today, and the entire country is on a weather alert.

So please pray, especially for those, far too many, who still do not have adequate shelter.

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  1. You're welcome, Sarah. Thanks for getting the word out.