Tuesday, June 7, 2011

flooding in Tabarre, outside of Port-au-Prince

This video, via Le Nouvelliste, isn't all that useful in terms of news, but it certainly does give a good flavor of Haiti's traffic as you listen to the honking that goes along with it.

The first half of the video is relatively stationary - that is, it moves around, but is clearly shot by someone standing in the same spot.

About half way through the video there is a funny/sad moment when the camera pans in on a billboard reading "wash your hands with soap." As if people didn't know or could always afford soap... Water, water, everywhere, but not a drop to drink. And not anything I'd want to wash my hands in, either, but not everyone has access to clean water of any sort.

The second half seems to be shot from the back of a motorcycle. I'd also forgotten just how many people ride on motorbikes of some sort, apparently even through flooded streets.

Don't watch this for eventful news, per se, but if you want to see what life is like right there, in the midst of all these awful rains, this gives a taste.

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