Sunday, May 26, 2013

Fete Ste Trinite

Tomorrow - no, wait, today, as I'm up much too late - is the Fete Sainte Trinite, Trinity Sunday, the patronal festival of the cathedral here in Port-au-Prince.  I went back to see what I'd written about it in 2009, as I remember being awestruck.  Nothing. Just too much and too little time with internet access, I guess.  Sounds familiar.

What I did find, however, was a couple of photos in a Facebook album begun back then.  I'm sharing them with you to ask you to pray for and rejoice with the cathedral congregation on this feast day.  We no longer have that beautiful cathedral, but we have the church - that is, the people.  And someday there will be a cathedral with space for all to worship. 

Meanwhile, let's hope it doesn't rain tomorrow morning!  The Eucharist starts at 9AM; it might finish up two or three hours later.  That's a long time to sit in the rain, even under a tree. And even on a regular Sunday, there are people outside.  Nice problem to have - not enough seating is not usually on many parish lists of problems! Still, I vote for sun.

Here are the old photos. Enjoy.

before the service - the bishop, the sanctuary (side view), and, just past the altar, the Orchestre Philharmonique Sainte Trinite
"Bring offerings and come into his courts" - and dance them up the center aisle to make even the giving of the gifts a thing of beauty

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