Friday, May 24, 2013

building green

We've had quite limited electricity lately as well as problems with our internet access, so I haven't been posting. However, the internet seems to be working today, and our generator is briefly on so we can pump water up to the roof tank, so I'm in luck.

Someone sent me this article about the new convent back home in MA, so first off, I'll share it with you.
Cast a shining light on building green – with Marion architects’ design of Duxbury convent

new Duxbury convent with 58 solar panels
I hope we can do solar panels on the new convent in Haiti, whenever it will be built... Someday!

Meanwhile, I'm hoping to do a post on some of the construction going on around here as well.  I've really been enjoying seeing all the little signs of hope as buildings slowly rise from the rubble.  The level of devastation is great - and remember that we in the US haven't finished rebuilding New Orleans yet (and how is the World Trade Center coming along? Have they finished it yet?).  However, I see changes everywhere, and I see billboards around Port-au-Prince talking about green energy.  Such a good thing. I'll try to post on that, too.

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