Friday, May 24, 2013

Place Boyer

Place Boyer, Pétionville
While driving through Petionville recently, we passed a park that had just been redone; finishing touches were underway.  In the new design, colorful mosaics cover outbuildings, walls, and steps.  It wasn't a beautiful day for taking photos, but I had to try anyway. 

not quite ready yet

A few days later, I came upon this article in the Nouvelliste, the local paper, about its inauguration.  Place Boyer was home to a large number of people following the earthquake, but it was one of those places from which people have now moved.  I hope they have now found homes and that they can come enjoy the park under better circumstances.

L'inauguration de la Place Boyer
Le Nouvelliste | Publié le :14 mai 2013
Hansy Mars
Le lundi 13 mai 2013, le président de la République, en compagnie du Premier ministre, a procédé à la cérémonie de remise des travaux de rénovation de la place Boyer à Pétion-Ville. L'inauguration de cette place est considérée par le chef de l'Etat comme un signe annonciateur de développement pour les trois prochaines années.
looking up from the street to the main level
bright red-orange planter with flowers at the top of the steps from the street

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