Sunday, April 28, 2013

down to two

Lots of things I'm meaning to post, but either I haven't had time or I haven't had electricity.  However, this evening I want to post quickly (it's just started pouring down rain, which means the power should go off any time now). 

one of my favorite puppy pictures - so typical!

I'm sad because we lost three puppies this past week. One died Thursday and two Friday, both for no apparent reason.  Something they found and ate?  Anyway, I miss them.  And I think their parents and two remaining siblings must, too.  I've noticed the two little ones are sticking together pretty closely.

looking hopeful
In the photo above, you can see the little one on the lower left with the white nose and forehead.  She has been smaller and skinnier than the rest all along; there for a while I wondered if she was going to make it.  Actually prayed for her and have been petting her and telling her she's going to grow strong and healthy.  But she is one of the two who is still with us, which astonishes all of us.  The other one is the one in the back on the right with the dark nose.  Dogs don't tend to get named here, but we've joked that they're all named Noelle because they were born on Christmas Eve.  Let's hope that Noelle and Noelle stay healthy and have a good, long life.

I'm going to miss this little scene.  The two little ones are still our hospitality committee, but having five of them was wonderful.
In any case, I give thanks for them, all of them.  They brighten my day.

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