Saturday, March 3, 2012

two blogs for Lent

I'd like to point you all to a very good Lenten blog.  The meditations are reflective and worth the time to read. According to its description, "Beauty from Chaos offers words, images and quotations to help us through the wilderness in Lent. The contributors are drawn mostly from among the clergy and laity of the Scottish Episcopal Church, with a few friends from further afield."

Here is another, of quite a different ilk, enjoyable in its own way.  Lent Madness matches up saints in a playoff series, and you get to vote!  Once only per pair, please.   I know Forward Day by Day very well, but I had no idea Forward Movement had such a sense of humor. (-:

Of course, I have left the texts of the link above in purple this time. It seemed only fitting.

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