Saturday, March 3, 2012

prayer after the tornadoes

not the headline I wanted to see today
 Twister-hit areas told to expect snow

Snow is the last thing they need - not only those who lost homes, but all those without power and heat. 

I'd like to offer a prayer for them all, and I ask you to pray with me as well.

Gracious God,
When storms rage
And the falsely calm dawn only brings to light destruction,
Be the One who surrounds us with peace and comfort.
Hold in your loving embrace
All who have lost their homes, their property, or their loved ones,
All who live with the memory of terror,
All who now grieve.
Strengthen them all for the days ahead,
Provide the resources and the wisdom they need to recover,
Protect them from further harm,
And give them the sure knowledge of your presence with and around them

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