Sunday, March 25, 2012

a prayer tonight

The storm is brewing.
Oh Seigneur, pitié pour Haïti.
 Oh Seigneur, pitié pour Haïti.
Have mercy on Haiti, Lord.

The storm was brewing earlier today; it has boiled over.
Have mercy on all those who live in the easily flooded zones of the city,
On those without adequate shelter,
On all those who travel in it.

Have mercy on that motorcyclist, Lord,
The one whose motorcycle we saw under a bus.

Have mercy on the child I saw
With arms far too tiny for her size
And other things amiss as well.
Misery looks different in a rural area,
And when people are hungry,
The results are etched onto bodies – the young and the old alike.

Have mercy on your four-legged creatures, too, Lord.
I saw too many today who also need more to eat.

I read Lamentations this afternoon.
There is a reason I have seen taptaps citing
Chapter and verse, lament in short form
For later reference.
We might forget which chapter and verse
The taptap held up for our prayer, but
We will not forget to lament.

Have mercy, Lord.
Have mercy on Haiti.

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