Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hospital Issues for L.

One of the elderly ladies at the Foyer fell yesterday. She likely had a stroke. In any case, she is in the hospital, in the urgent care section (I'm unclear if this is ER or ICU). In the conversations that have ensued, I've learned a few things about the General Hospital in Port-au-Prince.

- You might just wind up sitting on the floor with your IV pole next to you because there are not enough beds.

- You might end up sharing a bed, with heads at opposite ends.

- You bring your own sheets, among other things. I *think* you bring your own food and buy your own medicine. "You just bring everything," I was told when I asked for further clarification.

- You do not wait to be given a bed. You grab the first one you see open up, or you will never get one. I don't believe there are private rooms, so this makes the scouting a little clearer. A kind gentleman grabbed one for L. after one of the sisters missed another bed right in front of her while waiting for L. to be assigned properly by a doctor.

The sister in charge of the Foyer has been over to spend time with her, but I have not yet visited. I may be able to tomorrow, in which case I may add to this post or correct it. Whatever the situation is, it isn't good.

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