Wednesday, June 17, 2015

PBS video on Haiti and The Dominican Republic

As we wait to find out what happens with this border crisis, I'm hunting around online. I'm looking for prayer resources, but I keep getting sidetracked. Sigh. But I have found good things. Now, this is an hour long PBS special, so needless to say I haven't watched it. It's PBS, though, so I feel safe posting it in case it should prove helpful to anything else - and also so when I have enough time, I can sit down and watch it all myself. 

The blurb below is from the PBS site, to which I have provided a link below. The video itself is a YouTube upload of it since I wanted to share it directly, and I don't know how to embed the code. You may, however, wish to see the set of programs of which it is a part. (You can also buy the DVD set if you like.)

Keep praying.  None of this is simple.

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