Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Benedictine chant from Norcia (Nursia)

And here's a short documentary on them which I haven't yet watched but fully intend to. Later on, I'll posts some of their other videos. Hope to find some that are just plain music, but I may have to save up for the album instead. Or whatever we call albums these days. No cover art for a download!

Description from YouTube:

In the Jubilee year 2000 the monks of Norcia breathed new life into the birthplace of St Benedict. Armed with only their faith and zeal they founded a monastic community which has been attracting men from all over the world to follow St. Benedict's ancient Rule. Many of their friends have long wanted an insight into the inner workings of their life and so they have produced this high quality up to date film which shows the monks as they go through the daily ora et labora. The title of the film, "Quaerere Deum", means to Seek God. This is the true calling of all monks, the first and most essential quality of an authentic monastic vocation, as laid out in the Rule of our Holy Father St. Benedict. 

For information, please contact:

Monastary of San Benedetto

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