Wednesday, June 17, 2015

entomology question

So who's good with moths? I don't mean "in good with moths" or "a lover of moths" - I wouldn't say I'm normally either, having no love of the ones that might eat a hole in my good winter habit sweater - but I'd love to find someone who might identify this rather unusual and beautiful moth that showed up the other day. I tried Twitter first, but no luck.  Anyone out there know?

I think it must be a Tiger Moth of some sort or at least a relative of that family.  Any guesses?

I moved it off the sidewalk so our dog wouldn't eat it. It didn't look too healthy, but it was able to cling to the paper, at least.

I was guessing "Many-spotted Tiger Moth" while checking out photos on Google, but then I found a description, and they're supposed to be out west. Maybe it hitchhiked on an airplane - I found a receipt from Texas, of all places, lying in our driveway the same day. Stranger things have happened.

Not dead, but not feeling very good, poor thing...

In any case, he or she is lovely, and I hope the rest of you entomologically challenged people will at least enjoy the photos I have and imagine such a creature happily in flight.

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  1. That is a giant leopard moth:

    Great pictures, and thanks for posting them.