Saturday, April 4, 2015

signs of things soon to come

Getting ready for my favorite service of the year, the Easter Vigil.
If you're curious, you can look at the liturgy here:
You have to add arrival in the dark, then fire and candles, then the liturgical equivalent of storytelling around a campfire (Paschal Candle!), then bells and music, lots of music! and the Eucharist. Such a celebration of resurrection.

all set up for the New Fire, which is quite something in the dark - we start at 4AM!

hand candles for the congregation

bells for the congregation to ring when we sing our A......a!

I must ask for the story of this bell marked 1770...

getting the Paschal candle stand ready

altar cover back on for Easter
Sunrise is usually around the time of communion, light streaming through the window behind the altar. So perfect.

The rest of the set-up will wait till 3AM, I think. Maybe more flowers tonight? 

Look, even the green things realize it's time to come back to life!

The song sparrows have been practicing.

Even the crows are dressed up in their finest and looking lovely.

So join us in the Chapel at 4AM if you are feeling adventurous!
30 Harden Hill Road, Duxbury MA

We'll be here. 

Now. To sleep, if I can. The wee hours are when I wake (um, more or less) in great anticipation of the great dawn.

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