Monday, April 27, 2015

lightning tour of Cincinnati

Just how fast can you retrieve baggage, get picked up by your nephew and his girlfriend, eat lunch, and get a lightning tour of the University of Cincinnati area and still arrive in time for vespers at your conference nearby? Well, I found out! And I didn't even get rained on much in the process.

Welcome to Cincinnati!

I recommend Graeter's ice cream wholeheartedly. Good fuel for a speedwalking tour.

Welcome to the University of Cincinnati!

Interesting campus architecture and lots of tulips - it's spring here!

more interesting campus architecture

delighted to see them

They don't make pools the way I remember them... and this is just the recreational swimming pool on campus. They also have a lap pool (which may or may not be the competitive swimming pool; I forgot to ask).

UC architecture class final projects on display
I would love to know what the assignment was.

How's this for some high school architecture?

quick view of the outside of my father's doctoral alma mater with a picture taken just for him
(I love you, Dad!)

My nephew pays a whole $200/month rent for a room in this house. Toto, we're not in Massachusetts anymore...

Whew! We made it!
And it was a great conference, too.

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